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Show Investments flag in Capacity vs. Booking Status by OBS Report does not work


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PMO Accelerator provides a report called "Capacity vs. Booking by OBS". There is a flag called "Show Investments" in this report. It has been observed that this flag does not work correctly.

Steps to Reproduce this issue are as bellow:

  1. Navigate to Advanced Reporting page
  2. Search for "Capacity vs. Booking Status by OBS" in the search bar
  3. Click on the Report
  4. Choose a Resource OBS in the parameter section. Uncheck "Show Investments" flag. Click on "Apply". Notice the output of the report
  5. Check the "Show Investments" flag. Click on "Apply" again. Notice the output of the report

Expected Result: It is not expected for Investments to be displayed in Step 4. The technical document for this report, and parameter says the following:
There is a Show Investments parameter that allows you to preclude individual investments from displaying in the report. If the parameter is checked, then investments display in the report to provide investment level detail of demand. If the parameter is not checked, then investments do not display in the report. In this case, the report displays resource capacity, demand, and remaining capacity amounts without the investment level detail.

Actual Result: Investment level details are shown in the report irrespective of whether the "Show Investments" flag is set or not.


This is caused due to a defect with ID DE62213.


Version: 15.9.3

Jaspersoft Version: 7.8


The defect is currently under review by the Product Management team.