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API GW 10 CentOS 7: OVA's Network Interface identifiers have been changed after reboot


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CA API Gateway


After creating  a VM using CentOS 7 API GW 10 OVA. the NIC naming keeps changing after a reboot of the Virtual Appliance GW. .

When created and first started we had 2 NIC named  ssg_eth* interfaces and everything was fine 

However in the first reboot the name of interfaces has changed and no access over network is available anymore .

This has happened in the new VM infrastructure  (vCloud Director version: )


Release : 10.0

Component :


This could be caused by the following  VMware setting for the virtual machine   “user customizations check”.

Enable Guest Customization Check Box
This check box is found on the Guest OS customization tab on the virtual machine Properties page. The goal of guest customization is to configure based on the options selected in the Properties page. If this check box is selected, guest customization and recustomization is performed when required.

This process is required for all guest customization features, such as the computer name, network settings, setting and expiring the administrator and root passwords, SID change for Windows Operating systems, and so on, to work. This option should be selected for Power on and Force re-customization to work.

If it is enabled from the first time, the reported issue does not occur.