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Modern UX - Planned Benefit does not get updated when rows are deleted from Benefit Plan Details


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This issue is related to the Modern UX's "Financials" tab where it is possible to work with Benefit Plans.

The steps to reproduce this issue are as below:

  1. Navigate to the Modern UX. Open a project. Populate the Department and Location fields to associate it with an entity
  2. Navigate to the "Financials" tab. Click on "Benefit Plans". Create a new Benefit Plan
  3. Navigate inside the Benefit Plan. Create two rows. Provide 2000 as values for only the first column of each row
  4. Navigate back to the Benefit Plan list. Note the Planned Benefit
  5. Navigate back into the Benefit Plan details. Delete one row
  6. Navigate into the Benefit Plan List again and make note of the Planned Benefit

Expected Result: The Planned Benefit gets updated to 2000 since a row got deleted. This is how Cost Plans work in the Modern UX

Actual Result: The Planned Benefit remains at 4000 even though the Benefit Details has only one row with 2000 as the Planned Benefit


This is caused due to a defect with ID DE62211.


Version: 15.9.3


The defect is fixed in 16.0.0.