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JOBP: Properties of END Task always switch back to default if tasks are removed/edited within workflow


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CA Automic One Automation


An issue was found where the end task of a JOBP would be changed to the default set in the user profile, even in case the END task is not touched at all but other changes are being made on the JOBP.

Steps to reproduce

  • make sure the defaults for 'Task Dependencies in Workflow' shows a particular value for the 'else' section - lets say 'Block task'
  • open or create a JOBP with one task in it and make sure the 'else' section of the 'Time dependencies' Tab on the properties of the END task are set to something different than the default which you just set (lets say we set the 'else' value to 'Abort')
  • save and close the JOBP
  • open the JOBP and DO NOT TOUCH THE END Task
  • add another task and connect it to START and to the existing task
  • save and close the JOBP
  • open the JOBP and check the properties of the END task
    ==> 'else' value changed - this should not happen!


Software Bug


Release : 12.3



The issue has been confirmed to be a bug and will be fixed with Service Pack 8 for Automation Engine V12.3 .


A release date has not been published yet.