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Deliver - Reports not printing with Bundles after one generation had NPROD


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We have some reports that are part of a bundle that seem to be "stuck".  For one report id, $ABCDEF, the report was not produced by the creating jobs on 7/26/2021. When the job ran on 7/27 and on 7/28 the job did produce the report $ABCDEF and the reports for those dates are in the View database.

The View database shows the LOC of the reports as BNDW.

In CA Deliver,  on the Active report display it shows $ABCDEF with an EXCEPTion of NPRD for date 7/27 (th day after the report was not created by the job). 

For the 7/28 run of the report, it has a blank status.

So questions are:

 . Why did 7/27 run get NPROD instead of the 7/26 run? 

 . How do we clear the problem so that it will start processing the report again?  

 . Once there is an exception like NPROD how should it be cleared to allow the processing to resume?

 . Is there a standard process our CA View/Deliver admins should do each morning to review exceptions and then do some sort of cleanup?   




Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The client had related Deliver's performance issue to that they had made a change in 
the Workload Manager policy, where they lowered Deliver in service class. 

As a result, as bundling happened during periods when the CPU was busier, the RMOSTC task was delayed, which accounted for the problem.

Possible suggestions were to: 1) Set the bundle to have a Late time for its processing and 2) Deactivate the reports in question. 

Since they found the drop in service class to be a factor, they placed Deliver back to the high service class, and it has since been processing as expected.