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No Data Aggregator Views work in DX NetOps post 21.2. upgrade


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


Upgraded to 21.2 - data sources - including aggregator show connected - last sync status shows success.

After upgrading to r21.2.1 all DX NetOps Performance Management Performance Center Portal web UI pages except Data Aggregator (DA) ones work.

Manage Users, Manage Data Sources, Manage Groups, among other Portal pages work fine.

Monitored Devices, Data Collector Status, Monitoring Profiles, among other DA Views don't work. They are empty of information.

System Status in the Portal shows red for the DA, Data Collector(s) (DC(s)) and Data Repository (DR) information.

The admin user per the Portal web UI Manager Users page is set Enabled=True.

The admin user per the <DA_HOST>:8581/rest/users page shows Enabled=False.


The Data Aggregator incorrectly has the admin user set to be Disabled.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases r21.2.x and newer


To resolve the problem we need to run a MySql command against the Portal DB named netqosportal.

  1. Run the MySql command:
    1. Open a MySql prompt on the Portal web server host (default path shown).
      1. /opt/CA/MySql/bin/mysql -uroot -p netqosportal
      2. Enter password when prompted
    2. Run the following query:
      1. update user_definitions set UpdatedOn=UNIX_TIMESTAMP(sysdate()) where userid=1;
    3. Exit the MySql prompt
  2. Wait for the DA to complete it's next Synchronization cycle
    1. Go to Administration->Data Sources->Data Sources
    2. Note the time for the Last Polled On value
    3. Five minutes after the Last Polled On value a new incremental Synchronization will run.
    4. When that completes confirm in <DA_HOST>:8581/rest/users page that the admin user now shows Enabled=True

If that doesn't resolve the problem open a new Support Case for assistance.