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"Error: slave timed out" when running the Symantec Data Loss Prevention FileSystem scan


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Data Loss Prevention


When launching the Symantec Data Loss Prevention FileSystem Scan on a Linux device, no files are scanned and the VontuFileSystemScanner.log shoes the following:

29/07/2021  08:18:32:Owner [redacted] ALLOWED
29/07/2021  08:18:32:Group [redacted] ALLOWED
29/07/2021  08:18:32:Others ALLOWED
29/07/2021  08:18:32:Successfully wrote 1500 ACL's from ACL Status File.
29/07/2021  08:30:12:Error: slave timed out
29/07/2021  08:42:02:Error: slave timed out

In the VontuFileSystemScannercfg.log file:

29/07/2021 08:18:18 [0] Information: Wrote out structured configuration file: VontuFileSystemScanner.str

The logs, outgoing, outgoing_temp, temp folders are all empty. 


FileSystem Scanner has a backward dependency on the, which should be present on the system at /usr/lib64.


Data Loss Prevention 15.7 MP2
RedHat 7.9


Install on the target Linux device.
Then relaunch the scan.