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U00038290 Zero Downtime Upgrade is not possible between version 12 and 12.1 when using split DB schema.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


When running ZDU, during the first step, load the new DB scheme, the following error occurred:

"U00038290 Zero Downtime Upgrade is not possible between version 12 and 12.1 when using split DB schema."

Base version is 12.3.x


This is caused by pointing to the same database for the [ODBC] section and the [MQDB] section.


Release : 12.3



  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio and log in as the user who can reach the Automic database
  2. Under the server, expand Databases, expand the automic database and expand Synonyms
  3. Note if there are any synonyms - they should have a name like dbo.MQ1CP001.
  4. If there are no synonyms, this means that you are not using a split (alternate) configuration and need to open the ucybdbld.ini file and put a semi-colon in front of the sqlDriverConnect= setting under the [MQDB] section.  It should look like this:


; sqlDriverConnect: Connection String for the database which holds the Message Queue Tables.
; Same format as the connection string (SQLDRIVERCONNECT=) in ODBC Section but applicable for MSSQL Databases only.
; For database software from other vendors it does not make sense to separate the MQ tables into a dedicated database.

Now you should be able to run the load for the ZDU.
If there ARE synonyms like dbo.MQ1CP001, then:

  1. Right-click on one of the synonyms and choose "Properties"
  2. Take a screenshot of this to send to Support.
  3. Set database=4 in the ucybdbld.ini file under the [TRACE] section
  4. Re-run the load, reproducing the error
  5. Open a case with support and send:

The load log file ending in 00.txt
The load trace file ending in 00.txt
The screenshot from step 2 above