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JES2 PTF UJ05861 from PUT2107 - any impact to Roscoe?


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I have on all the recommended V2.4 ROSCOE PTFs.  But, My QUESTION was not answered:

There is a new JES2 PTF UJ05861 from PUT2107 that will be implemented.  It has hold requirements which I sent in the prior case.  Is this applicable and will affect ROSCOE at all?  In other words, I am asking about a particular PTF NOT V2.4 support.

I am putting on system maintenance and one of the PTFS is UJ05861.  Here is a description of the hold: Any installation exits (or other code) that invokes the macros changed by APAR OA61229 must be reassembled and reinstalled.

Code in this APAR will now create and maintain the JES2 Track
Group Map (TGM) checkpoint information in 64-bit storage.
With these changes, four fields in the JES2 HASP Communication
Table (HCT) have increased in size from 4 to 8 bytes and have
changed their offsets. The changes were required for
accessing TGM information in 64-bit storage. Those fields
If an application running on z/OS V2R4 with OA61229 applied
issues a checkpoint version request to the JES Job Information
Services SSI 71 using an IAZDSERV parameter list version less
than version 10, and the application requests a live version
by setting the DSRVF1LI flag in the IAZDSERV parameter list,
the fields DSRVTGPT and DSRVTGAL will be returned with zeroes
because the 4-byte DSRVTGAL field cannot be used to address
the TGM which has moved into 64-bit storage as a result of
these APAR changes. Applications requesting checkpoint
versions without setting the DSRVF1LI flag in the IAZDSERV
parameter list or using a version 10 level of the IAZDSERV
parameter list are unaffected by these changes.).






Release : 6.0

Component : CA Roscoe Interactive Environment


There are no issues with the changes in JES. However, ROSGBL and ROJES2 must be reworked. Once you do this the new macros will be involved.

The offsets for HCT was moved. After the regen all will be good