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LiveUpdate (LU) SEF session fails with error SYMRESULT: 80020005 when using out-of-box DCS 6.9.1 Fallback Definitions.


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


Error when using out-of-box DCS 6.9.1 Fallback Definitions
LiveUpdate SEF session failed. SYMRESULT: 80020005


Incompatible version of Fallback Definitions is included in DCS 6.9.1 Installation Media


Symantec Data Center Security Server Advanced (DCS) 6.9.1
DCS 6.9.1 Linux Agent



Please use attached fallback definition to resolve this issue
Please note this only applies to DCS 6.9.1 Linux Agent

Fallback definition can be deployed either through DCS agent installer (./<agent_installer> -installFallback=<absolute_path_to_new_fallback_defs>)


You can update an agent that is already installed manually by following below steps:

     1. Stop AMD service
        # systemctl stop sisamdagent
     2. Clean up existing definitions
         # rm -rf <agent_instal_dir>/AMD/sef/definitions/symcdata/symplatformdefs/*
     3. Copy shared fallback.tar.gz file under <agent_instal_dir>/AMD/sef/definitions/symcdata/symplatformdefs/
     4. Go to definition folder
         # cd /opt/Symantec/sdcssagent/AMD/sef/definitions/symcdata/symplatformdefs/
     5. Extract fallback definitions in current directory
         # tar -xvzf fallback.tar.gz 
     6. Remove copied fallback.tar.gz file
         # rm -rf fallback.tar.gz
     7. Start AMD service
     # systemctl start sisamdagent


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