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Users running SEP WTR agent seeing traffic to certain Web sites SSL intercepted when other users are not for the same site


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Web Security Service - WSS


Customer is working with two separate WSS tenants (One for customers own business and one of their client).

Users running SEP WTR agents in PAC file mode

One user (user A) is working from home accessing WSS from his home IP address and seeing traffic intercepted going to certain sites e.g.

Admin user (user B) also working from home with different private IP address and not seeing the traffic intercepted

Site like and for User B are not intercepted and seem to be excluded / bypassed from proxy and TLS interception. These are not bypassed domains on the tenant.

Every web site that suffers from this issue has a Cloudflare certificate assigned.


The roaming SEP users (user B) IP address is defined as an explicit location IP address for another tenant



Windows based users running SEP WTR

WSS managed by Portal


Remove the Explicit IP address from the other tenant to avoid any conflict