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This is a list of some KBs related to Clarity lookups. A set of KBs that refer to Defects, How-Tos, Scenarios encountered where Database (DB) tuning can help. 


List of Defects

Fixed in 16.0.0

CMN-0009 selecting MVL values in MUX

MVL values save at wrong task in Grid (MUX)

Mouseover comment in MUX incorrect for attributes with display mappings

Fixed in 15.9.3

Modern UX - Static Dependent Lookup produces duplicate values

Scrolling Horizontally a Lookup Displays Header Out of the View Area

Dependent Lookup not cleared in New UX

While creating Multiple entries in a level 2 sub object values are blank for parameterized lookup attribute

Paremeterized lookup (Modern UX) values remain when main field is blanked out

When Using a ROW_NUMBER Function in MSSQL Query, Sorting Does Not Work in Modern UX

Manual Sort on static dependent lookups only sorts the first 25 records in the MUX.

Static Dependent lookup won't show any values in the Modern UX

Progress field not defaulting correctly in Modern UX

Fixed in 15.9.2

Financial Plan creation displaying periods for all entities

MUX: Lookup displays no values for some users

ODF_MULTI_VALUED_LOOKUPS holds orphan records related to the assignment object

Parameterized lookup - unable to select values in MUX

Lookup field displaying wrong data in MUX

Parameterized lookup at the third level object (MUX)

Error "PooledConnection has already been closed" while previewing a Dynamic Query in Lookup

Fixed in 15.9.1

Dynamic Links are not properly displayed on list views

"API-1005: Attribute(s) '_picklistname' specified in query..." after making update to investment

Fixed in 15.9.0

Charge Code value selection not possible in Financial Plans

"API-1021 : Could not construct response.." error when lookup value IDs have forward slash

Defects that will not be fixed

Default Horizontal Alignment of a Lookup Preview Table Hides the Radio Buttons

Parameterized dynamic lookup values are blank in Audit Trail (DE56874)

MUX shows incorrect lookup value but shows correct one in Classic

Working as Designed case scenarios

Lookup values not displaying partitioned values in the Clarity PPM New UX

Parameterized lookup value will show blank in List Views

Error 'One or more parameters are not API-enabled' received in Modern UX

Parameterized Lookup field no displaying values based on constraint field (MUX)

Idea / Project 'Status' field shows incorrect values (MUX)

Investment Status Lookup is not showing all active values

All Status Values are Allowed on Ideas in the New UX

Non informative error CMN-0009 selecting invalid Idea Status values in Modern UX

Idea creation in MUX with Status of 'Approved' Returns CMN-0009: Attribute 'Status' has invalid Lookup Value '1'

Lookup Display Attribute does not affect the MUX

MUX - Lookup Browse does not match Classic View

'None' Value Appears Inside Lookups That Do Not Require a Value in the New UX

Sorting Parameterized Lookup defined WITHOUT a NULL Clause does not work in Classic and Modern

Multi-select attributes with Parameterized lookup sources?

Alphabetical sorting of resource lookup doesn't reflect the language alphabet

Create read only look up attribute

Scenarios where DBA Tuning can help

INV_BROWSE_INVESTMENT lookup performance issue

Queries with multiple SORTS can be very slow in Postgres

How-To articles (where configuration changes can help)

Custom Lookup value display with error in MUX

Lookup values not displayed in MUX while in Classic do

Dynamic lookup attribute not populating decimal values in MUX

Auto Suggest Not Working On Custom Object Attribute Dynamic Query Lookup

NSQL - Rows with null values are not shown

Custom Dynamic Lookup Saves Wrong Value

Lookup Filters tab in dynamic lookups

Unable to select the values for Project Type and Project Category fields in MUX

Work Status is blank for some projects in Modern UX

Updating lookups that are in use via XOG are not recommended. Adverse scenarios encountered when a lookup that is in use is updated via XOG.

Unable to View Project Properties after updating a lookup by XOG

When we added values to lookup by XOG it is breaking the lookup

Changing a Parameterized Lookup via XOG to non-parameterized breaks the Attribute in the MUX