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How to create operator user for interoscope workstation


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We have only admin user in interoscope. We want to create more user as an operator with limited access. We have not installed Command Center. 



APM 10.0

Introscope work station


 You need to define user permission accessing the domain in domains.xml file.

Syntax :
<grant group="Admin" permission="full"/>
<grant user="Guest" permission="read"/>

Regarding Password Encryption -

"In users.xml file :
a. Set plaintextPasswords="true" to the users.xml file.
Important! When you set plainTextPasswords="true", Introscope encrypts every password. Set all passwords to plain text otherwise Introscope encrypts already encrypted passwords.
b. Set the password of every user to plain text.
For example,
<user password="John Jones Password" name="john"/>
The next time the Enterprise Manager reads the users.xml file (either on start-up or when authenticating a user), it performs these actions:
■ Rewrites users.xml with the plain text passwords encrypted.
■ Resets the plainTextPasswords attribute to false."