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Why does TPX LOGO display 'You are connected to TPX R5.4.0 put RS1909'.


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TPX - Session Management


Observe  the following message on the TPX login screen.
  " You are connected to TPX R5.4.0 put RS1909"

What is the R1909 referring to  ?


Release : 5.4

Component : TPX for Z/OS


This is provided to display a two line informational message / news at the TPX and this  is 'user' customizable.
This is not set as a default at TPX install but can be added / modified by the TPX ADMIN.

Review the SMRT option  - 8 Operational Parameters.
The bottom two lines can be used to customize the LOGO news display.

* You can specify LOGO News on the following two lines (158 characters): 

To identify what ..R1909.. means, consult the sysprog or TPX administrator.