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Detailed Sandbox Reporting Disabled for WSS


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Web Security Service - WSS


On August 13th 2021, the WSS Reporting team temporarily disabled the Detailed Sandbox reports in order to improve system performance and stability.

If this is an urgent concern, please contact support for assistance and they can help retrieve information that is required.

This article will be updated when sandbox reporting is available again.


Reports and Queries that are affected:

  1. Built in Reports
    1. Click on a report with Sandbox details
    2. A notification will appear stating that Detailed Sandbox reports are currently unavailable

  2. Customized Reports
    1. Run an existing report
    2. Customize report to add Sandbox field

  3. Drill-down
    1. Run existing report
    2. Try to drill into a ma field

  4. Overview with Sandbox
    1. Run existing report
    2. Click on value to launch Overview report
    3. Click on ma field in the "Other Reports" panel

  5. Full log detail with Sandbox filter
    1. Run Full Log Detail report
    2. Add filter on ma field