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ISPF UID resource for other system presents same system


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CA 7 Workload Automation


We have upgraded some LPAR's from 11.3 to 12.1; other LPAR's are still on 11.3. On ISPF panel [email protected], there is an entry field for "UID resource".
When using 11.3, users can enter the VTAM applid for a different system into that field, and instantaneously are presented with the CA7 panel for that other system.
However, on those LPAR's running 12.1, the user is instead presented with the CA7 panel for the *same* system (that they are logged onto), not the specified different system.
How do we resolve this problem?



The CA7CLIST value &C7UIDRES was modified to show:



Release : 12.1

Component :


Need to modify the CA7CLIST value of &C7UIDRES 

to show default of 'CA7APL=&CA7APL,SESSAPL=&SESSAPL'