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Jaspersoft 7.8.0 installation keystore


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We generate keystores in Clarity application using 'admin keystore jaspersoft' command.  Then we copy the files from config folder to other servers and Jaspersoft config servers.

But release document says:
"When you are setting up a cluster installation, ensure that you copy the keystores created for the primary instance to the <user.home> directory of the secondary instance.  The keystores are available at <user.home.dir>/.jrsks and <user.home.dir>/.jrsksp on the primary server."

Is keystore generation different in Jaspersoft 7.8.0?


Release : 15.9.2+



The usual Jaspersoft keystore generation is the same via the command, you should continue doing the keystores and copying to the other servers.

Now there is also an "installation keystore" which is separate and different:

  • Jaspersoft 7.8.0 includes an installation keystore. Create a backup of the installation keystore (<user.home.dir>/.jrsks & <user.home.dir>/.jrsksp) to ensure you can connect to the Jaspersoft database in case of any issues. You will not be able to access your data if you don't have a copy of the keystore files. If you are using a Windows server, the keystores are available under C:\users\<user directory>.

Here is example on how it looks:

Those have to be copied across to the next server.

More information on this here:

Installing across Multiple Servers

You might want the same keystore to be used across dev/test/production environments. In a cluster, all machines need the same keystore. After installation or upgrade of one server, the easiest way to share data (reports and export catalogs) between servers is to copy the keystore files to the other servers before installing or upgrading them. Use the following procedure:

  1. After installing or upgrading the first server, locate the keystore files in the home directory of the user who installed the server.
  2. Copy the .jrsks and .jrsksp files and move them to the next server to be installed, in the home directory of the user who will install JasperReports Server.
  3. If the username and home directory path is the same on both servers, JasperReports Server is ready to be installed. If the path to the files is different, you must edit the properties file per: Updating Keystore files
  4. Install or upgrade this server using this keystore.