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Japanese/Chinese characters in spool log are not showing Desktop Client


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Job log and spool have non-ASCII characters.   They appear garbled when the output is viewed in Desktop Client.


The language packs or settings need to be installed on OS where DE/manager is installed.

DE relies on the local OS for localization.  It will need the language settings to properly show the UNICODE characters (Japanese/Chinese etc.).  It retrieves the spool from agent and sends it to the Desktop Client.  Check on Agent machine to make sure the spool has correct characters.



Release : 12.2/12.3

Component : ESP dSeries aka Workload Automation DE


In Windows, apply appropriate language pack and restart the server.

In Linux, most distros have UTF-8 enabled and cad show the CJK characters.  Check this link for more details.

Make sure that DE server, WA Agent machine and Desktop Client host all have appropriate language packs installed or enabled.