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Rally On-Prem 2.1 gives error on Charts


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


When trying to load charts in on-premise 2.1, the following error is shown:

The following items have errors:

Table (id = ###):
Can't load the report query: ###.



Release : 2.1

Component : Charts


To resolve this issue, download the file attached to this case and unpack the file.

The file is intended to be transferred directly to /tmp/ of the v2.1 Rally Oracle DB VM via FTP or SCP.
It is recommended to transfer the file using the ops user, but take note that the script will need to be executed as the oracle user.

Steps for installation:

1. Transfer the file using the ops user to /tmp of the Rally On-Premise Database Virtual Machine.
2. Once transferred, login to the DB VM as the ops user and switch to the oracle user with `sudo su - oracle`.  
    Note: If the ops and or the ops user password has not been set on your DB VM, you will need to do so first.
    refer to the 2.1 installation and admin guide for more details in this regard.
3. At this time verify the file that was transferred to /tmp/ is owned by oracle and has execute permissions:

chown oracle
chmod +x

4. Execute the script as the oracle user with `./tmp/` and follow the prompts. The script should only take a few seconds to complete.
5. Finally, after the script has been successfully executed navigate to Admin Dashboard browser page i.e. Services VM host or IP:8800 and stop/start the services to complete the installation.


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