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OneClick textbox font edit defaults to previous saved and not current selected


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CA Spectrum


In the current versions of Spectrum  to include version 10.4.3

A customer has problems with editing text in the OC console topologies. He is trying to make the maps fancier, but runs into this. 

Here is the isolated in a test setup

Click edit font , change to Arial bold 14, pink color, add a new textbox , type : Arial Bold 14 , click somewhere finishing adding the textbox.

Click edit font, change to Arial Plain 20, black color, add a new textbox, type : Arial Plain 20 , click somewhere finishing adding the textbox.

Suppose you don't like Arial bold 14 , and want to change the font :  Click on the text Arial bold 14, edit mode opens. Click on the font selection.

What happens now is font selection opens with the latest font selected and not the font selection of the field you are editing. Even clicking cancel will change the font of the field to Arial Plain 20 , black.

Since the customer has a lot of different fonts and colors around the map it makes it quite impossible to edit textboxes around the map because it will change them all around. Because of the fact a cancel is not a real cancel you can't even revert back to the original markup of the field you want to manipulate.

The real problem is that the font selector opens with the last used setting and doesn't update itself first with the font setting of the element you want to change.



Code remembers the last changed selected and not the current selected


Release : 10.4.x, 21.2.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


Engineering has confirmed that this will be added to the next major release of Spectrum which is tentatively Q1 2022

Additional Information

This can be tracked under DE511038