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We have got a report which is scheduled to run at a particular time.

So , when the user tries to change some parameters for this Schedule, it is throwing an error about password being too large, although the Schedule was created by the User itself.

But me as an administrator, i am able to do the same parameter change without any problem.

What can be the cause?

Log file error:

ORA-12899: value too large for column \"PPM_JASPERSOFT\".\"JIREPORTJOBREPODEST\".\"PASSWORD\" (actual: 402, maximum: 250)\


The Clarity user password is too long


Locate the Clarity user affected

Change the password of the user

Run the Create and Update Jaspersoft users Job

Change the report schedule again

Additional Information

jasperserver.log states the following:

Caused by: Error : 12899, Position : 263, Sql = update JIReportJobRepoDest set version=:1 , folder_uri=:2 , sequential_filenames=:3 , overwrite_files=:4 , save_to_repository=:5 , output_description=:6 , timestamp_pattern=:7 , using_def_rpt_opt_folder_uri=:8 , output_local_folder=:9 , user_name=:10 , password=:11 , server_name=:12 , folder_path=:13 , ssh_private_key=:14 where id=:15 and version=:16 , OriginalSql = update JIReportJobRepoDest set version=?, folder_uri=?, sequential_filenames=?, overwrite_files=?, save_to_repository=?, output_description=?, timestamp_pattern=?, using_def_rpt_opt_folder_uri=?, output_local_folder=?, user_name=?, password=?, server_name=?, folder_path=?, ssh_private_key=? where id=? and version=?, Error Msg = ORA-12899: value too large for column \"PPM_JASPERSOFT\".\"JIREPORTJOBREPODEST\".\"PASSWORD\" (actual: 402, maximum: 250)\n\n\tat oracle.jdbc.driver.T4CTTIoer11.processError(\n\t... 257 more\n"]}