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CAS9359E and CAS9208E database errors in ENF with Datacom/AD MUF


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Datacom Datacom/AD Common Services


ENF is running MUF internally, and getting errors:

11.05.15 STC11591 *CAS9359E - Unrecoverable Database subtask failure detected.  Recycle ENF
11.05.15 STC11591 *CAS9208E - CA-ENF DB: Database Insert error:72 reason:0
11.05.15 STC11591  CAS9303E - Event DSCLOSE  no longer recorded due to DB error 0012
11.05.15 STC11591  CAS9214I - CA-ENF Command: PURGE(DSCLOSE)  119
 119             CAS9214I - CA-ENF Command: EVENT(DSCLOSE,REC)
11.10.15 STC11591 *CAS9359E - Unrecoverable Database subtask failure detected.  Recycle ENF


These errors are typically related to ENF and Datacom/AD running at a lower dispatch priority than other system tasks.


Component : CA Datacom/AD

Component : CA Common Services/ENF


It is recommended to apply SO10076 (ENF 15.0 solution, titled "S0C4 IN CAS9DBC AT END OF ARCHIVE") if it is not in place.

Along with this, it is possible that these errors (which could repeat every 5 minutes), are the result of running the ENF task (and the Datacom/AD MUF, if not using an IMUF) at a lower dispatch priority than needed. ENF should be defined to WLM rules as a system level application similar to JES, VTAM, TCPIP, and others. This is usually defined to a SYSSTC or equivalent WLM class. In addition, ensure that ENF (and Datacom if separate) is set at an equal or higher performance level than the CA products for which it is going to provide a service.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for CA Datacom if you have further questions.