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Spectrum 21.2.1 Account Lockout Feature


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CA Spectrum


For Spectrum 21.2.1. there is a new account lock that will lock the account after 5 failed attempts.

When attempting to login we see the following error: SPC-OCA-10707: Your account has been temporarily locked for 10 minutes due to 5 failed login attempts.  Please try again later.


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick


The setting DOES affect LDAP and is highly recommended due to enhanced security not to disable this.  This can be disabled by entering a "0" in the lockouttime in the config.xml file noted below.  However, this is not recommended by Engineering and they would suggest modifying the Lockout time or retry count instead.


Specifies the number of continuous failed login attempts before locking out the user.
Default: 5

Specifies the lockout duration in seconds. Set value to zero to disable the lockout option.
Default: 600


Additional Information

More information regarding the new Account lock feature can be found here:

Account lock feature