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SMF 83 records and Top Secret


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Top Secret


Currently TOP SECRET is the security package and also being run is IBM MFA for logon with PIV .

MFA says that errors are produced in SMF83 records.

Does TOP SECRET produce these SMF 83 records?

IF NOT, how does TOP SECRET support the IBM MFA information that is produced in SMF 83 records?     



Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


 SMF 83 records are generated by the RACF callable service R_Auditx, which is used by MFA to record security event data to SMF.

This service is handled by the SAF OE interface and will record the data using the same record type used for all other OE/USS logging events,

which defaults to type 231 but can be overridden with a TSS control option SMFTYPE. 

Since type 83 is reserved for IBM usage the override cannot use that value, it must be a number from 128 to 255.