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Upgrade of DSM Manager fails with MDB installation error - Error Code 110 - Pre-process failed


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Upgrade of DSM Manager component is failing with error :

MDB installation error
Error Code: 110
Pre-process failed


And in file %TEMP%\ITRM\database\mdb_install\install_mdb.log following error appears :

07-13,07:58:39 Default schema of the installation user must be dbo.
07-13,07:58:39 Setupmdb_pre exit /B return code=131
07-13,07:58:39 Pre-process failed (errorlevel=131)
07-13,07:58:39 Setupmdb exit  return code=110


Logged User which is running the upgrade must have dbo as default schema for mdb database.

Following command should return dbo (and not NULL)

sqlcmd -S "<SQLServerName\InstanceName>" -d mdb -h-1 -Q "SET NOCOUNT ON ; SELECT default_schema_name FROM sys.database_principals WHERE principal_id = DATABASE_PRINCIPAL_ID()" -E


Client Automation 14.0 and higher


Set (temporary) dbo Default Schema on mdb database for logged user in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio :

1- Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and connect to SQL Server
2- Go under Security - Logins
3- Right click on the logged user (or group where it belongs to) and select properties
4- In User Mapping, Set dbo Default Schema for the user on mdb database


After upgrade this settings could be removed.