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DA Install is unable to connect to the DR database on a fresh install attempt


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I am trying to install DA after successfully installing DR. I have selinux off, firewalld off, there is no AV in place.


Data repository username is used by Data Aggregator to connect to the
database. If this is the first time you are installing Data Aggregator then
you may specify a username and any password as long as the password does not
match the username, and this username/password combination will be added to
the database.

Data repository username : dauser


Data Repository Information (3/4) - Data Repository User Password

Please enter data repository user password:


Data Repository Information (4/4) - Data Repository Admin Username

Data repository admin username is the database administration user account
which was used to install the data repository.

Data repository admin username : dradmin


Data Repository Information (4/4) - Data Repository Admin User Password

Data repository admin user password is the password specified while creating
the database after the data repository installation.

Please enter the data repository admin user password:


Pre-requisite Checking

Failed to pass the pre-requisite checking for the Vertica database. Verify

1) You have the correct parameters for connecting to the database

2) The Vertica database is running

3) In the case when the database schema is out of synchronization, disconnect
all clients from the database and
choose "Yes" during installation to recreate the schema.

4) The Data Repository is running the correct version of Vertica.

Error code: 1
Description: unable to execute test to verify db connection; cause:
[Vertica][VJDBC](3781) FATAL: Invalid username or password


All supported releases


Ensure there are no $ special characters in the dradmin password, if there are, go back to the Data Repository and alter the password using the following KB Article, stopping after step 3 as the remainder of the steps are only needed once the Data Aggregator is installed:


How to change the Vertica database password