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OAE agent compatibility with Appworx Oracle Linux 7


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Can we run  OAE Agent on Oracle Linux 7 with Applications Manager 9.3.3?


Release : 8.0, 9.3.3

Component : Ca automic Applications Manager


Extension Agents (OAE, peoplesoft) and RA Agent (Banner, FTP, etc) are virtual agents that run on physical standard agents, so they do not have OS requirements. They follow standard Agent requirements. As per our compatibility matrix, 9.3.3 is compatible with Oracle Linux 7. See compatibility matrix link below for details:

Additional Information

AM Agent version 8.0 is not compatible with AM server 9.3.3.Per our EOS version link below, Version 8.0 has been EOS since March 2018 and is not supported. They will need to run the 9.3.3 supported version

Also, Our latest version at this time is 9.3.5 and you may want to consider upgrading to the latest version to take advantage of additional fixes/features in the newer version:

Here's is the download link for 9.3.5:

Here's a link to our upgrade documentation: