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Robots in UIM Operator Console inventory are displayed with Device Type set to 'Device' instead of 'Host'


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Some servers with a robot installed have Device Type = 'Device' instead of 'Host'.  This is displayed in Operator Console and APM through apmgtw probe.


Servers with Robots installed were initially discovered without the robots and weren't updated.  Thus their Device Type = 'Device'


Release : 20.3



Delete the robots and let them be re-discovered as a host.

  1. In Operator Console, go to the inventory and select the 4 servers.
  2. Then click the 3 dots in the upper right corner and choose 'Delete Devices'.
  3. Deselect the three boxes so all metrics, alarms, etc are retained.
  4. Then click ok.
  5. Follow the below article to clear the niscache of the robot
    DX IM - UIM How to clear the niscache

Over time, you'll see the device re-added to the OC inventory.  It should have the Host device type.  Metrics will be re-connected during that time as well.

Then after the device type is corrected, it should not longer show up in OC or APM as a device, but as a Host.