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Why am I getting messages such as "CAS9013A Product 8L about to expire or is expired and is in use" when I'm not even using these products?


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


We have started seeing messages such as the following appearing in the SYSLOG, yet we aren't even using these products:

CAS9013A  Product 8L about to expire or is expired and is in use
CAS9013A  Product 0D about to expire or is expired and is in use

These LMP keys are related to the following products: 

CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager Database Option - 0D
CA Vantage Storage Resource Manager Adabas Option -  8L
CA Vantage Database Option - 8K


The objects for the DB2 and ADABAS components were accessed via the Web Client, but the associated components were not licensed for use.  


Release : 14.0

Component :


The Vantage task had defined and activated the Vantage parameter ADABASVC, but this was not needed since this component was not licensed.  The end user had tried to access the various DB2 / ADABASE objects, resulting in Vantage STC messages such as: 

KNG0627D Object ADAFCB   Not Licensed

KNG0627D Object DB2NAMES Not Licensed

KNG0627D Object DB2SYST  Not Licensed 

The description of this message shows: 

KNG0627E   Object <nnnnnnn>  Not Licensed                                                       
 The selected object is not available because its associated LMP license is    
 missing, or has not been activated. If you get the message using one of the   
 user interfaces you will also see this:                                       
 "You have requested an object that belongs to a product or product option that
 is not licensed. You will be allowed to continue, but a message to the        
 operator console will identify the missing license, and it will be issued     
 repeatedly until the next IPL. To continue under these conditions, click Yes. 
 Otherwise click No."                                                          
 The operator console message referred to is:                                  
 CAS9180E - CPU xxxxxx REQUIRES A LMP KEY TO RUN PROD (nn)                     
 where nn is the LMP key missing.                                              
 After the license violation, the following CAS90 messages will appear in the console log repeatedly until an IPL occurs:                                   
 CAS9012A 00027 KEY WARNINGS/VIOLATIONS ON CPU xxxxxx                          
 No action is required, however if you want to work with the object then you   
 need to obtain and activate the proper license.  

The ADABAS VKGPARM should be removed, and an IPL should be done to eliminate the CASxxxxx messages.