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rsp probe discovery failing for VIO servers


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Using the rsp probe, trying to discover AIX VIO (Virtual IO) servers and it is failing with the below failure for sar command.

The discovery is able to resolve the host and create ssh channel connection to the host but then also tries to run cpu discovery, etc.

Is there a way to disable the CPU discovery that is run when it is trying to discover host?   We are not going to monitor this and it is causing the discovery failure so we can't monitor anything.


Aug  3 13:45:59:560 [9364] rsp: CleanDatabaseObject: LCS
Aug  3 13:46:00:029 [5720] rsp: run_command_Others: - Command Timeout
Aug  3 13:46:00:029 [5720] rsp: run_command_Others: Received an error - 3. Raising Alarm
Aug  3 13:46:00:029 [5720] rsp: run_data_gathering: Failed to execute command /usr/sbin/sar -P ALL 1 2
Aug  3 13:46:00:029 [5720] rsp: discover_cpu: ( ERROR no output from data collection command /usr/sbin/sar -P ALL 1 2




Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - RSP


Currently VIO support is not implemented, but a feature request has been logged to add this support in the future.