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Verification of an RMM conversion to CA-1


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CA 1 Tape Management


Looking to convert to CA-1 from RMM.  Is there any way to run a comparison of the RMM CDS against the new TMC?   Is there any ability to do parallel processing with CA-1 in 'warn' mode to help determine if we have the configuration and definitions correct before doing the cutover to CA-1?




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There isn't any way to do parallel processing with CA-1 in a 'warn' mode while RMM is active.  It is recommended that before doing the final RMM-to-CA1 conversion that several tests of the conversion are performed, and with each test a brand new TMC is used (don't reuse any prior TMC in each test). 

As for verification between RMM and CA1, the RMM reports (such as the last DSN/VOLSER report and the VITAL records report) can be used along with a CA1 VOLUME MASTER LIST report.  To create this CA1 report, use the CA1 CTAPJCL member 'TMSEARL' to point to the CTAPEARL member 'TMEVSNM'. 

During the conversion process, it is possible to run CA 1 Tape Management System in the batch-active state. You can then update the TMC without interfering with the other tape management system OSI settings. Change the CAIRIM control statement for CA 1 Tape Management System to have a PARM of "PARM(SVC=xxx,INIT,OSI=NO)" during the initial activation of CA 1 Tape Management System. If running CA 1 in a batch-active state to perform practice conversions, set the ROBSCR option to NO and the UNCATA option to NO.
This will prevent CA 1 from un-cataloging or interfacing to any robotic/virtual tape solution when TMSCLEAN is run.

Note: The conversion should be performed in an environment where there is no tape activity. Tape activity can be restarted after the TMC has been updated with the TMSC2TMC utility.  See there documentation reference in the 'Additional Information' section below for more details. 


Additional Information

DFSMSrmm Conversion to CA 1: