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The Clarity 15.9.2 database image with ISO is not compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2016.


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We are trying to setup a sandbox with Clarity 15.9.2. When we tried to import the database image into Microsoft SQL Server 2016, the restore errors out as not correct backup file. The same data image file work with Microsoft SQL Server 2019. Can you provide this database image files compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2016?

We are using AWS RDS and the error it throws is:

[2021-08-11 20:14:22.180] Aborted the task because of a task failure or a concurrent RESTORE_DB request. [2021-08-11 20:14:22.293] Task has been aborted [2021-08-11 20:14:22.293] Error making request with Error Code Forbidden and Http Status Code Forbidden. No further error information was returned by the service.

- The SQL server version is: Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (SP2-CU8) (KB4505830) - 13.0.5426.0 (X64)  Jul 21 2019 21:16:47   Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation  Enterprise Edition: Core based Licensing (64-bit) on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter 10.0 <X64> (Build 14393: ) (Hypervisor)

- The Clarity ISO is 15.9.2 (DVD0000000001018.iso).

- Though the above error does not complain about the database image, however I googled and found that this error is caused due to bad image.

- I could import this image successfully into a AWS RDS Microsoft SQL Server 2019 environment.

- Also we have another Clarity 15.9.2 environment on this instance of AWS Microsoft SQL Server 2016, where we upgrade the environment from 15.9 to 15.9.2.



As per Tech Docs this is working as designed:

- Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition: Service Pack 2 or higher (higher is associated with service pack) - Supported only for existing customers upgrading to Clarity  15.9.2

- Clarity 15.9.2 / Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is not supported for new install where as it is supported with 15.9.2 upgrade.


Release : 15.9.2



Clarity 15.9.3 is now GA and will be dropping MSSQL 2016 support in the next release (targeted for around November 2021). Product Management and Engineering are proactively setting the focus on Microsoft SQL Server 2017/2019.


1) For installing a new Clarity 15.9.2 environment use new supported database per the Hardware and Software Compatibility Specifications.

- Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Enterprise CU9
- Microsoft SQL Server 2017
- Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Enterprise (CU-21) (Full Mode)

2) Another method for installing a new Clarity environment is, use the Clarity 15.9.1 ISO (DVD0000000001014.iso) when importing the database image into Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

  1. Extract - CLARITY INSTALL MEDIA 15.9.1 DVD MASTER (DVD0000000001014.iso)
  2. Install 15.9.1 application
  3. Import the database image (mssql_base.db) image into Microsoft SQL Server 2016
  4. Upgrade the Clarity application 15.9.1 --> 15.9.2