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Information alarm generating incident AIOps correlation issue


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DX Operational Intelligence


This is for the BROADCOM_IT tenant,


We have observed correlation issues and incident being generated for unwanted service alarm.

Please find few examples below -

The Impacted services are incorrect the device does not belong to any of the service groups 

Service Alarm ID - 3d65fd58-9d2d-44d8-8dda-a8a206811979

Incident number - INC01015293




The incident was generated for information alarm, and as per the AIOps policy only Critical alarm generate incidents.

Service Alarm ID - b574428c-34e3-4242-a595-5ebd96369d86

Incident number - INC01151803


Please get the correlation algorithm corrected as this is generating unwanted incidents and we are observing multiple correlation issues.


Alarm Mapping between UIM and OI.

Per engineering , its by design.

Following is the severity mapping that would happen in OI for the incoming UIM alarms, based on this incoming UIM warning alarm would be converted to minor alarm in OI. You will not have this captured in history index. History index is meant for what ever the diff that would happen within OI alarm.



Release : 20.2

Component :