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CA Directory Import Process


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CA Identity Manager CA Directory


Working on an effort utilizing the CA Directory 14.1 solution with attribute encryption. This includes receiving periodic updates to one of data DSAs in the form of zdb files generated from a remote DSA without attribute encryption.  What is the efficient process in order to transfer data from zdb file into CA Directory DSA?



  1. Have a 'dummy' DSA created with same schema and settings without attribute encryption
  2. Receive .zdb file from remote DSA (without attribute encryption)
  3. Rename .zdb file to .db and replace 'dummy' DSA .db file
  4. Run dxdumpdb on 'dummy' DSA to receive ldif file
  5. Make updates using ldifsort and external scripts to ldif file in order to load successfully
  6. Run dxloaddb on DSA with attribute encryption