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CMN-0009 selecting MVL values in MUX


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Whens electing values of a Multi-Valued Lookup attribute in the Modern UX, sometimes you get a CMN-0009 error. It only happens with certain values

1. Administration > Studio > Objects
2. Create an object, no API enabled, no investment extension
   Object Name: Client
   Object ID: c_client
3. On the Attributes tab, create the following attributes:
   Boolean type / Name: Active, ID: c_active
   String type / Name: Client Number, ID: c_client_number
4. Go to Home > Custom Objects > Client List
5. Create some instances:
   Name: Client 1 / ID: client_base / Active Yes
   Name: Client 2 / ID: client_baseuk / Active Yes
   Name: Client 3 / ID: client_baseus / Active Yes
   Name: Client 4 / ID: client_basein / Active Yes
6. Admin > Data Administration > Lookups
7. Create a dynamic type lookup with query
   @SELECT:CODE:[email protected],
   @SELECT:NAME:[email protected],
   @SELECT:ID:[email protected],
   @SELECT:c_client_number:[email protected],
   @SELECT:LAST_UPDATED_DATE:[email protected]
   WHERE 1=1
   and c_active = 1
   :[email protected]
   and @[email protected]
8. Admin > Studio > Objects
9. Create a new object, API enabled and Investment Extension selected with name: Client New
10. Attributes tab, create a new MVL (Multi valued lookup) type attribute and link it to the lookup above
    Enable the attribute for API use
11. Login to the Modern UX
12. Blueprints > Add the MVL type field to the blueprint of Client New object
13. Go the MUX Investments and locate the Client New object
14. Create an instance of the new object
15. Edit it and now you see the MVL field.
16. Select values Client 2, 3 and 4. Those save correctly.
17. Select value Client 1.

Expected Results: The value to be saved
Actual Results: You get an error CMN-0009: Attribute 'my lkp' has invalid Lookup Value '[client_base, client_baseuk, client_baseus, client_basein]'


This is caused by DE62173


Clarity 15.9.2


This is fixed in Clarity 16.0.0

Workaround: Ensure the codes are unique and one is not part of a different one

Additional Information

The issue is due to the instance ID of Client 1 (client_base). This ID is also part of the rest of IDs. If the ID is changed to client_base0 then no errors occur
This only impacts the Modern UX

Check the codes of the values and what they have in common: client_base, client_baseuk, client_baseus, client_basein