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Unable to edit System Action attributes


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When trying to create a Project from an Idea using a process, it is not possible to edit the Template fields on any of the related System Actions for the implied Project object:


Release : 15.9



These actions are used to override the default behavior of the "Copy from Template" and allow you to select which elements need to be copied (like documents, risks/issues/changes, etc.).

The way it works is the following (using an example without/with processes for comparison):

  1. Create a new project template (e.g.: template)
  2. Define the template with all the characteristics you would like. For example, for this test, I am creating a new risk and uploading a document.
  3. Create a new idea (e.g.: idea), approve it, and convert it to a "Project from Template".
  4. The resulting project will have risk1 and the document from the template.
  1. Create a new process (copyfromtemplate)
  2. As a Primary Object, select "Project" and its associated template, "template".
  3. Create a new step with a System Action to "Copy Documents From Template", leave the ID values empty (in fact you cannot enter any value).
  4. Set the Finish step, validate and activate.
  1. Create a new process (convertideatotemplate)
  2. As a Primary Object, select "Idea".
  3. Create a new step with a System Action to "Convert Idea to Project". In the Process Code dropdown, select the "Project Template Processes" named "copyfromtemplate" (4th/5th column, as the 1st will be the project template name).
  4. Set the Finish step, validate and activate.

(From this point, assuming that both processes have been created with On-demand start options, but these can be auto-started).

  1. Open the "idea" and go to Processes > Available, and start "converttotemplate".
  2. A new project will now be created, open it.
  3. Check that the new project does not have the risk nor the document in it.
  4. Go to Processes > Available and execute the process "copyfromtemplate"
  5. The project will have the document under Collaboration tab, but not the risk.

The reason is that the project has been converted from an idea overriding the default Project Template Process, and instead used the custom copyfromtemplate which only has the copy documents system action.

The only way to specify the template in a process during copy is via a Project Template Process.