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OIconnector keeps resetting the OI seed group


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


it seems oiconnector keeps resetting the OI seed group.

Details on the OI seed group reset:

it seems to be the OI Connector causing the creation/deletion.

OI Connector then Deletes and creates over the next couple of hours.



Release : 20.2

CAPC: 20.2.3

oiconnector: 1.5



Patch OI-Connector 1.5.1 Resolves the OI Seed Group Reset

This Connector does two things:

It delays sending inventory to TAS until all metadata (ip address for example) has been harvested for that inventory.
It includes a new configuration property called "allowSeedGroupCreation" in the config.xml file of the OI Connector.

By default this property is set to true, but you can edit this property and set it to false in a case where the seed group is unnecessarily being recreated whenever the query on the seed group fails for some reason.


Here are the steps you will need to take to install and use this update.

Step 1.

Make a backup copy of the existing OI Connector configuration directory and store it outside of the OI Connector installation tree.  

This backup is just for reference in case you need to refer to any of the previous configuration files.


Step 2.

Uninstall the existing OI Connector using /opt/CA/OIConnector/uninstall/Uninstall_caperfcenter_oiconnector


Step 3.

Install the new 1.5.1 OI-Connector


Step 4.

Stop the connector using:

service caperfcenter_oi stop


Step 5.

Edit the wrapper.conf file and adjust the heap settings to match what was set in previous install


Step 6.

Edit the config.xml file and change the value of allowSeedGroupCreation property from true to false.  

(If there were any other required changes to config.xml you can also reapply those from prior config).


Step 7.

in the previous version of the connector, we had to edit the java.conf file to add proxy details:

If the oiconnector is sitting on the same box as CAPC then we need to put CAPC (localhost) under the non-proxied hosts


# Additional java parameters may be configured here to be used by all services
# HTTP Proxy -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080

# Proxy Credentials
# Non-Proxied Hosts


Step 8.

Start the connector using:

service caperfcenter_oi start