Uprocs are scheduled even after deleting the Specific Task
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Uprocs are scheduled even after deleting the Specific Task


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Our purpose is to disable the specific task 0388 and 0392. The user reported they delete the job 25,26 for 0388 and job 29,30 for 0392, but still the 0388 and 0392 are running.

Attached some screens for your reference.


Release : 6.x


Sub-Component: ADLRUN 


The jobs are getting scheduled and Aborted because the mapped UPROC is removed by the user and hence Job abort due to Uproc Unknown.

Job history trace

20210726001651  Start Condition Check
                   Processing Date 20210726
Uproc unknown  : PE1-ENFD0392_PE1-ENFD0392_0030_TECH

20210726001651  *** TASK ENDED ABNORMALLY ***
 *** Task launch refused  ***

The jobs are still getting scheduled when respective specific tasks are removed, because of below

1: Please refer document on specific tasks it states clearly that specific task can be created from UPROC used in the main task, created from a Session

2: The removal of specific task is independent and will have no impact of the main task.

3: The confusion arise as end user is using similar name for UPROC (inside session as node) and also for specific Task and assume that removal of specific task remove the UPROC within session.

4: The session is still having reference to the specific UPROC and hence a Job execution via task created from session will result in execution of all mapped UPROC's. Please refer figure below, showing existence of PE1-ENFD0392_PE1-ENFD0392_0030_TECH still mapped.


Modify the session and remove the respective UPROC's which are removed.