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Gatelet App Invisionapp does not Give an Upload Failure Message on a Blocked Upload


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CASB Gateway


InvisionApp does not provide a failed upload message when a file is blocked by a DLP policy.

The InvisionAPP SaaS spins as if it is waiting for the upload to finish when the upload has failed.

End users are confused as to what happened with their upload.




The CASB\DLP Block happens as the Elastica gateway sends a http response to the invisionapp instead of transmitting the file. The invissionapp is responsible to interpret a failed upload condition and report it back to the browser.


WSSAgent offers a BSN (Block Service Notification) that can be enabled by contacting support.

Screenshot: (Invisionapp spinning on upload with the WSS BSN.)

The WSS BSN can be enabled on a per tenant bases b requesting through Symantec Support.

Additional Information

This issue could potentially happen with any SaaS that does not honor 3xx / 4xx  Http response codes.

Screenshot: (Invisionapp spinning on upload)