Shut down of OPS mVS OPSUSS tasks
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Shut down of OPS mVS OPSUSS tasks


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


The new task for OPSMVS OPSUSS   are started by the main task  but when i shut down the OPSMVS product i use the 

/P OPSS  command  and looking at the log it appears that the OPSUSS task abend  

is there a command to be issued prior t the /P OPSS command to shut down the specific tasks for OPSUSS? 




Release : 13.0 and above 

Component : OPS/MVS


Use the provided sample **.CCLXSAMP(STOPUSS) member REXX to shutdown the USS servers prior to stopping the OPSS subsystem in order to avoid the 013-C8.   Some customers may want to consider setting up a rule to issue a command which will execute the STOPUSS and then issue the P OPSS command.

If further evaluation is required, open a support case and provide a tersed, archived copy of the OPSLOG, and FTP it in binary format.