ISG Upgrade Procedure using the CLI or ISGAC/UI
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ISG Upgrade Procedure using the CLI or ISGAC/UI


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Upgrading the Integrated Secure Gateway (ISG) software on the SSP-S410 appliance utilizing the Command Line Interface (CLI) or ISGAC/UI.


Hardware: SSP-S410

Software: 2.x.x.x (current) upgrade to


Upgrade Instructions

For the ISG upgrade to version 2.3, from CLI, please refer to the upgrade instruction detailed in the ISG 2.3 guide, on page 29.

Please go through all the upgrade notes before proceeding with the upgrade.


Sample Upgrade Procedure

  1. Generate the upgrade link from the Broadcom Software download portal.

  2. Stop all running applications, before commencing upgrade.

  3. Upload the image to the appliance.

  4. ISG image installed successfully.

  5. Next, restart upgrade.

  6. View the installed systems, to confirm that the image successfully installed and assumes the default status.

  7. With the upgrade now completed, you may start the applications that were stopped at the commencement of the upgrade process.


On the other hand if you have Management Center and ISGAC, you can access ISG via a browser and use the following steps to upgrade.

Upgrading ISG on SSP HW: 

1. From Management Center, select the ISG device (under Network) and then ‘Launch Console’ (using ISGAC - This KB was tested with version 1.1.4 )
2. Go to the Administration tab, and select “Host system images’
3. Click on '+ New Upload' (upload the new image, you need to Generate a link for desired ISG version from Download page, e.g.
4. (Make Sure all the applications are stopped, Go to Configuration/Applications to check and Stop if needed)
5. After that, Click the Default check box for the desired ISG build to make that version default host image and then click ‘Restart and load default’
6. After ISG is up and running, Start the Applications.