How to change suppression key through NAS auto operator
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How to change suppression key through NAS auto operator


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Is it possible to change the suppression key on an alarm which does not allow the suppkey to be configured at the probe level?




Yes, this is possible, but you must be careful to consider the ramifications and ensure that you do not cause unexpected results or an alarm loop.

The following is an example of a simple LUA script that changes the suppression key on a message to a desired string:


if event.supp_key ~= "mysuppkey" then
   event.supp_key = "mysuppkey"
return event

This script checks to see if the incoming event supp_key is not equal to "mysuppkey" and if so, changes it.

Your script must check the suppression key to make sure it has not already been changed or you can cause an infinite loop.

You can save this script in NAS and then pass alarms to it through a pre-processor rule.

This script would be paired with a Pre-Processor rule in NAS which matches existing messages.

Type: custom

Custom Script:  choose the script above

You must ensure your pre-processor is specific enough that it will not mistakenly combine alarms by replacing the suppkey on alarms you don't intend to replace.


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