Forecast doesn’t consider Generate Task at Activation time in 12.3.x
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Forecast doesn’t consider Generate Task at Activation time in 12.3.x


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CA Automic One Automation


Forecast will falsely set the status of tasks to “ENDED_INACTIVE – Inactive today because of Calendar” because it doesn’t take into consideration that the task is ‘Generate Task at Activation time’. This happens for example for Workflows generated Friday night and running past midnight. 

If a WF has Generate at Activation + some tasks have calendar conditions (for example, run only on Workdays Mon-Fri), with Generate Task at activation the task start time is the WF generation. The calendar check gets performed at generation time, so it doesn't matter if this is executed before (still Friday) or after midnight (already Saturday).
It looks like the forecasting is always using 'Generate at runtime' which causes a mismatch in the scenario described above.


Release : 12.3.x



Bug: The forecasting in 12.3+ does not consider the Start times if Generate at Activation is used.
This causes the effect on workflows which have calendar conditions that the forecast is not calculated correct and does not match the real execution by the Engine.


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version:
Component(s): Automation Engine 

Automation.Engine 12.3.8  - Available
Automation.Engine 21.0.2  - Available