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Export/Import : Is there an API we can invoke through an external application to get, and eventually set.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


How to export and import the documentation tab  details  (highlighted in the attached screenshot.)





Release: 12.3

Component: Automic Web Interface


Yes, It is possible to export and import using API.

1. Try using API as below.

GET http[s]://{host}:{port}/ae/api/{version}/{client_id}/objects/{object_name} on the object with a ODOC

In the XML file, and you can see how the field is called. Subsequently, you can try to export an object without ODOC, then add an ODOC manually with that field name and reimport it.

2. Also,  You can access the database directly using the ODOC table, below link for table name details.

Please note that support will not share any sample SQL queries as per Broadcom policy.