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UPE - Creating a custom exception page for WSS users


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Web Security Service - WSS Management Center ProxySG Software - SGOS


As an administrator, I need to create a custom exception page for Web Security Service (WSS) users when using Universal Policy Enforcement (UPE) integration.



  • Web Security Service in Universal Policy Enforcement mode
  • Management Center
  • Reference ProxySG


  1. To Modify the current exception page under reference ProxySG device use the below-referenced article.
    ProxySG user-defined exception page guidelines

  2. Install the new exception page and verify if it applied by going to Configuration > Policy > Exceptions > view "Current exceptions"
  3. Install the policy to WSS Target from Management Center: Configuration > Policy > Targets > Install to Device.
  4. Management Center pushes the Universal Policy Enforcement configuration up to your Web Security Service account.
  5. Verify that the updates exception page is visible when the user reaches a blocked site.

For more information see UPE policy management integration between Web Security Service and Management Center.