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Multiple versions of Javelin installed, how should I remove the older releases


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


The previous version(s) didn't uninstall and although the portal goes to proper executor, The desktop doesn't, it opens to 32 bit version. I need to know is how to remove the 4.9 and the GA 4.9.1 and just have the latest version pointed to? 



Release : 4.9

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You're correct, you would need to manually uninstall them. The 64-bit installer of Javelin doesn't recognize the 32-bit version is installed and uninstall it, and vice versa.

You can use the Windows Control Panel- Program and Features to uninstall the older releases of Javelin, which should also remove them from the desktop.

TDM Portal has the path to Javelin set in the %ProgramFiles%\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf\ file, under workflow.path.executor.

By default, the line should look like workflow.path.executor=C:/Program Files/Grid-Tools/Javelin/JavelinExecutor.exe.

I recommend verifying the path is correct after you remove the older releases. If you need to modify the path, it will require you to stop and restart the CA Test Data Manager Portal service before the change takes effect.