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After upgrading to z/os 2.3 existing File Master Plus release 11 batch jobs using program CAWABATC are now failing with error messages CAWA2103E and CAWA2518E.


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After upgrading from Z/OS 2.1 to Z/OS 2.3 existing File Master Plus batch jobs that previously worked under Z/OS 2.1 are now failing with error messages     

  *** CAWA2103E  DDNAME SYSUT1   open failed: DD Not Allocated                                                              
  *** CAWA2518E  Error during open of SYSUT1       
  *** CAWA2550I  COPY completed   RC set to 16   High RC = 16 

Below is sample JCL of the failing File Master Plus batch program CAWABATC.

//STEPLIB  DD DSN=HLQ.CDBILOAD,DISP=SHR                                                      
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                                                                      
//FMDDIN   DD DSN=INPUT.FILE,DISP=SHR                                     


When the client converted to Z/OS 2.3 they did not move forward the File Master Plus custom options table CAWAOPTS parameters which are assembled and linked into HLQ.CDBILOAD.

The client's existing batch jobs do not use the default input file DD SYSUT1 they use a custom name of FMDDIN as shown in the sample JCL above.
When the File Master Batch utility program CAWABATC executed the default DD name of SYSUT1 was not found the job step failed with a condition code of 16 with error messages CAWA2103E and CAWA2518E.




The client had to reassemble and link the File Master Plus default options table CAWAOPTS with the custom DD name of FMDDIN to match the DD name specified in the JCL.

The JCL to reassemble and link the default options table is shipped with the base product and is located in PDS HLQ.CDBIJCL(CAWAOPTJ) 

The following CAWAOPTS parameter was reassembled and linked. The batch jobs were rerun and completed successfully.