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Issue with Deployments - Expected Folder Not Found/Created


Article ID: 221296


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


The action "Find Files or Folders" is failing with:

Error Message:
Input is:
path='/tmp/<job_id>/<path>/<to>/<folder>', recursive=false, failIfNotExist='false', includePattern='', excludePattern='', includeExcludePatternType=Wildcard, includedFileTypes=Only_Folders, includeEmptyFolders=true, includeHiddenFiles=true, lastModifiedAfter='', lastModifiedBefore='', outputFormat=Absolute, orderFilesBy=None, orderType=Ascending

Found 0 matching files/folders under path [/tmp/<job_id>/<path>/<to>/<folder>/].

While on manual check we can find all the required files at their place/path.



The action is configured with the option includedFileTypes = Only_Folders. The folder in question had files, but not folders. That is why the action failed. 


Release : 6.7

Component : Nolio Release Automation


The expected folder that was missing was missing because an action used before it (Execute Multiple Queries Using XPath) was not properly pulling out the @folder-name attribute value. Once the action was corrected, the folder was being created and the subsequent "Find File or Folders" action was executing successfully.