Deliver - Database Merge
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Deliver - Database Merge


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We are planning to merge our three production Deliver databases into one database, in preparation for a Production JES MAS implementation later in the year.

Regarding the RMOPARM SYSID=x that should be used for the newly merged database:

 . In the existing databases, we have one that has SYSID=# and two that have SYSID=$.

 . Can the newly merged database use one of these or do I need to select a different value?

 . Do the LPARS have to be IPL'd for the database to reference the SYSID? 


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


For every new Deliver database and related RMOSTC task, it is best to use a new and unique SYSID, so as to not confuse anything. 

It is best to use a SYSID as low in the collating sequence as is available.

It is best to use a SYSID of one of the national characters (@ $ #), but if none of those is availalble, then using the low alphabet chracters (like SYSID=A) is good.

Ensure that all Deliver RMOSTC tasks currently being used are brought down with "/F rmostc,OFF", so that the "hooks" are removed. 

To do the above, an IPL will not be necessary.