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Dispatch - After upgrade to z/OS 2.4, Dispatch task CADZSPL1 will not start


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


After an upgrade to z/OS version 2.4 on Production, the Dispatch tasks will not start. 

We have z/OS 2.4 compatibility code applied (Dispatch 11.7 PTF: SO10087 and SO10088)

The Dispatch CVKEY has been changed and the Dispatch STC is active.

We are starting up after an IPL.

However, we are receiving the following error when attempting to start the CADZSPL1 task:

CADS012E CADDSPLI Unsupported release/level of JES



When the CAS9 ran at IPL time, it was not pointing to the correct loadlib with the z/OS 2.4 compatibility code applied to it.


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Dispatch


For compatibility with Dispatch 11.7 and z/OS 2.4, the following PTFs should be on the environment:

 . RO96283
 . RO96284
 . SO10087
 . SO10088

The following KD articles apply to the upgrade:

KB article ID 10968 - The SVCREDO procedure
KB article ID 11361 - Changing the Dispatch CVKEY if Dispatch abends with SB78-5C
KB article ID 16218 - CADS012E CADDSPLI Unsupported release/level of JES


The client upgraded their environment to z/OS 2.4, but were unable to start the Dispatch CADZSPL1 task, receiving the following JES message:

  CADS012E CADDSPLI Unsupported release/level of JES

Client was instructed to execute the SVCREDO process, to delete the z/OS 2.3 modules out of memory and to reload the z/OS 2.4 compatibility modules.

But, the client still had the same problem after performing the SVCREDO process.

Upon issuing the /S CADDSPL1 command, the CADZSPL1 task issued message:

 CADS012E CADDSPLI Unsupported release/level of JES

The CAS9 job did not have any //STEPLIB DD statements, so it was pulling code from the LINKLIST. 

It was suggested that the client verify that in the running Dispatch load library, that they browse load module CADDTABU and verify that they see PTF SO10087 applied in that module. 

Then, update the CAS9 JCL that they are using to perform the SVCREDO process and add a //STEPLIB to that specific Dispatch load library as the first library in the STEPLIB concatenation.


The client was able to get the Dispatch task started successfully, but then received the following errors:


Normally, the client runs a batch job via automation, to start the ARCHIVE and EXTRACT subtasks externally. 

The reason the ARCH and EXTR subtasks were not started was because the job submitted by automation never executed due to the job class that it was submitted with had no initiators for it. 

There was then the manual starting of ARCH from the Dispatch VOPMI100 screen via an 'X' command, but the status of the task in Dispatch remained 'REQ' and the DISPARCH task never started.

There was, though, a clean recycle of Dispatch.
The automation batch job was resubmitted with an appropriate job class. 
The DISPARCH and DISPEXTR subtasks started successfully.

As a result, all necessary Dispatch subtasks were active (STAT, RPI, RPO, ARCH, EXTR) 

The CADZSPL1, CADZSAP1, DISPATCH, DISPARCH and DISPEXTR tasks were all up and functioning normally.